Our tiered stipend policy prevents anyone doing the same amount of work form being paid less than a colleague performing comparable tasks no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, ability or sexual orientation. This applies to all freelance contractors for a production. This is defined for actors specifically as follows:

An actor’s pay consists of two parts, the base pay and the role based bonus. 

Base Pay – ($1000)

This baseline number is equal for all actors in the production. Due to our “cast as crew” policy, Brown Box acknowledges that all actors, no matter their role, have equal responsibility and labor hours during set up and breakdown. As a touring company, we also acknowledge that actors, no matter their role, have the same time requirement away from a day job or other income generating opportunities when away from Boston. The base pay is set for all actor talent to accomodate for the equal work components of the contract. 

Role Based Bonus – ($200-$500)

Actors with the same role based bonus are placed in the same tier marking that Brown Box acknowledges that comparable work will be required (number of lines, scenes, and expected hours at rehearsal). Brown Box is committed to insuring a fair and transparent payment system, paying all individuals the same for like work, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.


Brown Box guarantees that no actor contracted will receive proportionately more favorable financial compensation than another actor in their same tier. If the stipend provided to one member of a tier increases for any reason, the stipend of all actors under that tier contract will be raised to match.