Project Description

poster for a play with man-skeleton face and clock

“Bad things waste the world.”


Boxer Shorts returns for the Second Annual Evening of Short Plays. Providing an opportunity for collaborators and audiences to explore rarely produced work by a diverse blend of renowned and unfamiliar playwrights, Boxer Shorts presents individual yet interconnected short plays in a unique and inspiring theatrical event. This year, Brown Box will collaborate with its sister company, Icaro Teatro of Queretaro, Mexico, to share the voices of 4 playwrights of Latin American descent. The titles for this year’s Shorts include plays by Jose Rivera, Nilo Cruz, Maria Irene Fornes, and Caridad Svich.

by Jose Rivera

A reel-to-reel tape recorder sits in a windowless room. The Attendant orients the Person, introducing the machine and its consequences, imposing a universal and inescapable fate. It is too late for repentance. The tape begins to play.

by Nilo Cruz

Madrid, 1936 – A forgotten actor, Lolo, eagerly sweeps underneath a stage. As he anticipates his call to places, Lolo contemplates his career, his art, and his future while the line between reality and delusion blurs and turns to dust.

by Maria Irene Fornes

When Greta gets sick, Rainbow revisits a criminal past to provide treatment for her lover. After being cornered by Ray, Rainbow’s sacrificial journey intensifies, and questions of obligation, loyalty, sexuality, and eternity permeate their relationships.

by Caridad Svich

Two figures emerge from oily water onto an abandoned Florida beach. They are exhausted, invigorated, and rapturous. As time expands and contracts, they are transported beyond memory and suspended in eternity… if only for a moment.

Greta, Person: Rachel Belleman
Rainbow, Lori: Olivia Caputo
Attendant, Jim: Johnny Quinones
Lolo: Miguel Septien

Director: Talia Curtin
Director: Kyler Taustin
Associate Producer: Alex Lonati
Stage Manager: Molly Burman
Set Designer: Megan Kineen

Costume Designer: Lila West
Lighting Design: Daisy Long
Sound Designer: Nicholas Kelley
Properties Designer: Kelly Smith

Bad things waste the world

– Lori, Bliss