Project Description

“The Nepenthe Hotel. Room 417. Don’t forget.”


Through the twisting, winding corridors of the mind lies a world both chillingly relatable and thoroughly alien. As the settings and characters shift and morph through a series of delightfully turbulent vignettes, we are drawn down a rabbit hole of the familiar and the bizarre, held captive by endless parallel universes that seep from the stage to consume our very being. Not for the faint of heart, The Hotel Nepenthe is a perilously absurd romp through the mysteries of human nature, the ripples of fairy wings and alternate realities, and the search for meaning from within the abyss.

NOTE: While reserved seating is going fast for our Boston run, no one will be turned away from The Hotel Nepenthe! Limited visibility seating will be provided to all who come to the show without reservations!


woman with curly brown hair and dark eyes
head shot of a smiling young woman with red hair
head shot of a man with brown short hair styled upwards


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